Tow Dawg


$119.99 - $159.99

Tow Dawg™ is a revolutionary tow ball hitch tow strap. Each Tow Dawg comes with a canvas bag and instructions. We have proudly manufactured these at our Tecumseh, Oklahoma facility since 1996.


You need to know the strength of the tow ball that is being used. The 2-5/16”, with a larger shaft size, will have a larger sheer strength than a 2” or even a 1-⅞”. Welded or forged ball hitches are typically even stronger than a tow ball with a screw-on nut. A new ball hitch will have a higher strength than a used ball hitch. If there is any doubt in the strength of the ball hitch, DO NOT USE!


  1. Place the circle of the key hole over the tow ball.
  2. Firmly pull to assure the shaft of the keyhole is around the shaft of the tow ball.
  3. Connect the opposite end of the nylon Tow Dawg to the object being pulled.
  4. Roll forward slowly to take out ALL slack in the Tow Dawg strap.
  5. Once tension is formed on the Tow Dawg strap, SLOWLY pull forward.

United Slings and Lifting, Inc.